Julie Boesky

Literacy Tutor/Dyslexia Specialist 

     I moved to Manhattan in 2015 after many years in the Portland, Maine area where I was a K-2 public classroom teacher, a private school academic support specialist, and then became a reading tutor and educational consultant.  I achieved initial certification as an Orton Gillingham practitioner through the Scottish Rite Masons Program/Children's Dyslexia Center in Portland, Maine.  I am now certified in the Orton Gillingham methodology through IMSLEC and the International Dyslexia Association.  I am also a member of Learning Ally's Tutor Referral Network.

      As a professional educator dedicated to improving the lives of my students by helping them to read and write effectively, I consider myself to be a life long learner in my field:  every year I attend the latest workshops and courses to stay abreast of current developments and refine the Orton Gillingham foundation of my practice with related methodologies.  Teaching children to read and write is actually a highly complex task -- just as these skills don't come naturally or magically to most children, we as teachers must study continuously in order to be able to provide students with the most effective instruction.

       In 2017, I studied the work of Dr. David Fitzpatrick pertaining to the critical importance of phonemic awareness in helping children develop orthographic mapping skills.  In plain English, that means that, until a child has a solid facility with each of the individual speech sounds embedded within a word, she will have a very difficult time remembering the letters and sequence of letters reflected in the word for both reading and spelling.  I now assess all of my students in this foundational skill and add critical drills from Dr. Fitzpatrick's methodology as needed. 

       In June 2018, I participated in the Windward School's Teacher Training Institute to train in Judith Hochman's Writing Revolution methodology.  This training enhanced my abilities as a writing instructor and provided me with new insights into how your child's writing work informs her reading comprehension.​​

      For over a decade, I have worked with dozens of dyslexic children and struggling readers, helping them to build both their literacy skills and self esteem. I believe that my successes with my students stem from the neuroscience underlying the Orton method, along with my students' hard work and tenacity, the support of their families, and the fun and creativity I build into our work.  No two students are the same, so I tailor lessons for the individual student while still maintaining the core components of these methodologies.