Julie Boesky

Literacy Tutor/Dyslexia Specialist 

In OG work, I target all areas of reading your child needs help with, which could include: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.  After assessing what areas are in need of work, concepts are taught using a systematic scope and sequence to meet your child's needs.


Reading Tutor NYC

What does "multi sensory" mean?

Part of what makes OG work so effective is that it engages ALL of a learner's senses instead of just relying on visual or auditory input, one sense at a time, as is so often the case in a school setting.

What is "Orton Gillingham"?

The Orton Gillingham methodology for teaching reading and spelling is a well-established, scientifically based, systematic, multi-sensory program with many decades of research behind it.  The "OG" method is considered THE best methodology for teaching dyslexic children.  Research shows that other struggling learners benefit greatly from OG instruction as well.

Children with dyslexia and other struggling readers/spellers typically require direct, specific instruction in each of the components of the reading process in order to read and spell proficiently. They often benefit from intensity of instruction, and one-on-one settings where learning is personalized.

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"Do you just use Orton Gillingham?"

There are a number of programs that are related to Orton Gillingham, targeting particular areas of difficulty more intensively.  For example, "Concept Phonics" for orthographic processing problems, or the "Barton" program for spelling.  As needed, I pull components from companion programs to customize my work with your child to best target his particular challenges and goals.